A Lifetime of Chamber Leadership
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Lebanese Economic Organization
Trade, Business, and Investments
Minister of Economy and Trade
Minister of State 2009-2011
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Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Adnan KASSAR became an active member of the Association of Beirut traders where he proved his outstanding performance and excellent relations with others and henceforth was appointed Secretary General of the Association. Then, in 1971, he headed a group of leading businessmen under the "Economic Development List" for the elections of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry and won its presidency in 1972. He retained this presidency position for over 30 years.

Under his presidency, the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry developed into a prime and leading supporter of the Lebanese economy, promoting its free-market principles and private initiatives.

While Lebanon endured the hardships of the war period, Adnan KASSAR maintained his leadership of the chamber with wise and pragmatic policies, with independence, openness and a highly alert as well as elegant technicality. Doing so, he immuned the chamber from the influence of politics which strengthened the solidarity of the members in the chamber which had an important impact on preserving the unity of the Lebanese economy.

Throughout the period of hostilities, Adnan KASSAR remained in Lebanon at the head of the private sector, maintaining the required drivers for good economic growth and securing the investments needed for a productive and prosperous Lebanese economy. He did not leave the country except to ensure a visible presence in Lebanon in the world economy and its effective integration into the international marketplace. He geared his efforts towards keeping Lebanon present in world meetings, symposiums and conferences and made sure that Lebanese products would always be found in all international trade fairs and exhibitions.
31 May 2018