A Lifetime of Chamber Leadership
Fransabank Group
Lebanese Economic Organization
Trade, Business, and Investments
Minister of Economy and Trade
Minister of State 2009-2011
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Adnan KASSAR is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fransabank Group, and has developed with his brother, the Vice Chairman, the bank into one of the largest and leading banks in Lebanon, and the most prominent one with regard to its international affiliations.
Fransabank has a long tradition of excellence in service to all people, and we pride ourselves on the impact and outreach we make in the communities we serve. At Fransabank, we provide a broad range of retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking services to local and international clients.
We are committed to provide our customers with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, first class services and products in the areas of banking and finance, and to confirm our position as a leading financial institution in the local, regional and international markets.

Vision & Mission
Fransabank is determined and committed to be a leading financial institution within the local and regional markets, and to provide quality service to its customers, through innovation, cutting edge, value added, banking services and financial solutions.
Fransabank is committed to:
  • Consolidating and expanding its presence into selective regional and international markets.
  • Adopting and implementing the highest international banking and finance norms and standards, corporate governance, and diligent compliance practices.
  • Exceeding its customers’ expectations and fulfilling their needs and demands.
  • Striving for distinguished quality service provided to its existing and potential customers.
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial flair, decision-making and teamwork within the Bank.
  • Generating increased value for its shareholders in a dynamic manner and on solid sustainable grounds.
  • Remaining at the disposal of its agents and its communities by fully assuming its corporate and social responsibilities.
  • The commitment to our customers, staff, shareholders and community is essential to the Banks prosperity and ability to provide superior returns to our shareholders.

    Core Values

      1. Integrity
      1. Loyalty
      1. Credibility
      1. Accountability
      1. Transparency


    Our Shareholding / Strategic Alliances

    Fransabank has several strategic alliances with leading international banks and financial institutions. Fransabank SALs shareholders include:
    Main Holders of Common Shares:

    Holders of Common Shares as at December 31, 2010

    Adnan Kassar

    Adel Kassar

    Crédit Agricole SA

    Deutsche Investitions Und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbh (DEG)

    AL-FADL Holdings Limited

    The Public Institution for Social Security – Kuwait

    Our Financial Standing

    Throughout its history, Fransabank SAL, which is the oldest bank in Lebanon, has managed a healthy expansion whereby it continuously captured top rankings within the Lebanese Banking Sector. Presently, Fransabank Group is ranked first in terms of local branch network.  

    107 branches : The largest network of local branches
    40.25% : Among the highest growth rates in terms of Net Profits
    36% : Among the highest growth rates in terms of Claims to the Private Sector

    Main Financial Indicators for the Financial Year 2010
    A solid and sustained growth
    Net Profits : USD 146 million with a growth rate of 40.25%
    Total Assets : USD 12.255 billion with a growth rate of 13.33%
    Customers’ Deposits : USD 10.090 billion with a growth rate of 11.95%
    Net Loans and Advances to Customers : USD 3.140 billion with a growth rate of 36%
    Shareholders’ Equity : USD 1.291 billion with a growth rate of 20.20%
    Return on Average Equity : 13.30%
    Return on Average Assets : 1.27%
    Coverage ratio of the Non-Performing Loans by the Provisions : 88%
    Solvency Ratio (Basle II) : 11.80%
    Primary Liquidity to Customers’ Deposits ratio : 46%

    Our Group Entities:  
    Fransabank Group in Lebanon operates through a network of 107 branches, and includes the following entities:

     Commercial Banks
    • Fransabank SAL
    • BLC Bank SAL


    Investment Bank

    • Fransa Invest Bank SAL


    Financial and Commercial Subsidiaries

    • Lebanese Leasing Company SAL
    • BLC Services SAL
    • BLC Finance SAL
    • Fransabank Insurance Services SAL
    • Switch & Electronic Services SAL
    • Société Express SARL


    Associate Financial Companies
    • Bancassurance SAL
    • International Payment Network SAL


    Real Estate Company
    • Sogefon SAL
    Our Regional and International Presence

    Fransabank has been pursuing, over the past few years, an expansion strategy in local, regional and international markets. Besides Lebanon, Fransabank has a presence in the following countries:
    o France: Fransabank (FRANCE) SA
    o Algeria: Fransabank EL DJAZAIR SPA
    o Syria : Fransabank SYRIA SA
    o Sudan: United Capital Bank
    o Belarus: Fransabank OJSC
    o Cuba: Fransabank Cuba Representative Office
    o Libya: Fransabank Libya Representative Office

    Our Services
    Our bank has a long tradition of excellence in service and provides a broad range of products and services to cover: Retail ׀  Corporate ׀ Syndicated Loans ׀ Investment Banking Private Banking ׀ Leasing ׀ Insurance ׀


    Our Corporate Social Responsibility
    Fransabank’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    “Our Reputation is not just founded on operational excellence; it is also based on corporate citizenship”- Adnan Kassar, Chairman- Fransabank.    

    Fransabank Chairman Adnan Kassar was the first and only Arab national to be elected president of the International Chamber of Commerce. During his presidency he demonstrated a commitment to environmental protection in the Global Compact, which he signed in 1999 with then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. The Global Compact is a policy platform and practical framework for companies that are committed to sustainability and responsible business practices in the areas of environment, human rights, labor, and anti-corruption. Having been involved with the Global Compact since its beginning, Fransabank Group is deeply committed to upholding the Compact’s values and to setting an example that other businesses may follow.

    Fransabank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
    At Fransabank we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is about making a contribution to sustainable development and society through creating long-term value for our shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders. This means putting our Corporate Principles into practice and considering not only the economic, but also the social and environmental impacts in all our decisions. We have founded our social responsibility strategy and activities on four main principles:

    • to promote effective public-private partnerships;
    • to promote economic development;
    • to enhance civil society’s aspirations;
    • to enhance Fransabank’s public image.

    To date Fransabank has successfully demonstrated a leading role in supporting various sectors and promoting the best standards in social responsibility. Fransabank’s CSR pillars are:

    • Great achievements from small gestures
      At Fransabank, we believe so wholeheartedly that small-scale lending make a difference to the world. Fransabank’s micro credits were launched as part of our commitment to the development and growth of the economy through support to low-income individuals. They offer flexible conditions that enable individuals to develop their own small-scale businesses or improve and expand their existing ones.
    • Valuing Human Capital
      At Fransabank, we understand the value of our employees not only to our company but to society at large. We believe in providing the best environment for them to flourish and reach their potential. Fransabank is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that provides a friendly, open and safe working environment for all staff members.
    • Restoring hope, regaining mobility
      Fransabank joined forces with UNIFIL to sponsor the Jaipur Foot Project, an initiative to provide free artificial limbs to Lebanese victims. In addition, we support a range of humanitarian causes and non-profit organizations.
    • Building tomorrow’s leaders
      At Fransabank we demonstrate our strong belief in promoting education through a diverse range of contributions, investing both money and our own human capital in securing a better future for the country’s youth.
    • A sustainable future
      Respect for, and preservation of, the environment forms one of the key pillars of Fransabank’s corporate social responsibility. This manifests itself in a range of initiatives that start from within the bank and staff conduct, to beyond the Bank. At the heart of each of these actions lies a firm commitment to our country’s future and that of its citizens.
    • From border to border
      Fransabank believes in demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the nation.  Building a presence in the south of the country was an important objective for Fransabank in order to continue to play a full role in the service of the national economy in general and to meet the banking and financial needs of the southern population. “No war will ever stop us. No turmoil will ever move us.” These words of conviction led the way as the Bank remained steadfast in its objective.
    • Reaching out through culture
      Fransabank continues to promote culture through a diverse range of associations, collaborations and sponsorships. Whether via alliances with NGOs or cultural associations or by directly funding community projects, the Bank seeks to select avenues for inspiration that provide value to society.
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