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  60th anniversary of the World Chambers Federation Dinner in Paris print

Minister Adnan Kassar was invited to the 60th anniversary of the World
Chambers Federation Dinner in Paris on the 15th of September 2010, in his
capacity as former Chairman of the ICC and of the World Chambers

Minister  Adnan  Kassar  gave  a  keynote address at the dinner in which he
re-affirmed  his  deep  personal  attachment to Chambers, stating “From the
Beirut  Chamber in the 1970s, I made and chaired the Lebanese Federation of
Chambers  of  Commerce for over 40 years, then chaired, for many terms, the
General  Union  of Arab Chambers of Commerce, grouping chambers from the 22
Arab member countries, and of which I am now the Chairman.  As for the ICC,
which  I joined in 1970s, I Vice-Chaired the IBCC for more than 20 years to
become  later  its Chairman.  Then later became Chairman of the ICC in 1999
and  2000.   What  prompted  me  to  devote  so much time to Chambers is my
sincere conviction in the important role that Chambers play.”

Minister  Adnan  Kassar  also  referred to the World Chambers Congress, for
which  a  current competition between Dubai and Doha to host it in 2013 was
discussed  earlier  in  the  day in Paris, “ You could therefore imagine my
personal pride, when it was during my term as ICC Chairman in 1999, that we
organized  and  held  the very first World Chambers Congress in Marseilles.
It  was  a  successful  start to a legacy of congresses. The World Chambers
Congress  now  convenes  chambers  from all corners of the world and we see
cities competing, years in advance, to host it.”

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